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Main Objective

For this project, NC State Graphic Design students were instructed to create an "entity" of our choice using research, knowledge and experience gained from previous projects. Our mission was to find a solution for a social issue that could be turned into some kind of product and branded.


Pocket Plants is a company that sends the perfect, personalized, pocket-sized plants right to a users door through a series of questions that determines what plant best fits their lifestyle.


Pocket Plants' mission is to provide new and experienced plant owners with the information, tools and means they need to care for any Pocket Plant in order to make the gardening process enjoyable and fill the world with more plant lovers. A world full of plant lovers will inevitably lead to the population's better awareness of the environment and the desire to help the earth grow and flourish.


Pocket Plant's Vision is to connect millions of plant lovers worldwide and ease new plant lovers into that community year after year in a seamless and fun way.



A study from the University of Michigan concluded that, "plants have a calming effect on the brain and can increase memory retention by up to 20%."


The Journal of Physiological Anthropology stated that, "active interactions with houseplants for instance working with soil, pruning, touching, and smelling have shown to have the same relaxing and stress-reducing effects as spending time in a forest."


A 2009 study found that, "Patients in hospital rooms with plants and flowers had lower blood pressure, higher pain tolerance, lower anxiety and lower fatigue than patients who stayed in rooms without plants."



According to many online forums and sites, the main reason people don't own houseplants are:

✰ They have limited space
✰ They lack general plant knowledge
✰ They don't know what kind of plant they own and how to take care of them
✰ They don't want to worry about the responsibility of remembering to water it
✰ They don't want to bring dirt inside their house





At Pocket Plants, our brand is friendly, lively, happy, and light, just like the plants that grow with our users. We kept these feelings in mind as we created the visual elements for our brand.


Our design team went with light, earthly colors for our brand. Green and brown were chosen for their immediate connection to plants and plant pots. White and the lighter green color were chosen as accents.



We also wanted lively and friendly typefaces to convey our messages. We knew we wanted a serif font for our word mark and a serif font for the main text across our platforms. Our team liked the look of these typefaces and as their names suggest, we felt they were great fits for us.



A lot of thought went into the creation of our brandmark. The main idea that we were drawn to was a plant in a pocket. We wanted to take the opportunity to truly make our design unique to only our
brand. Through many iterations, we were able to communicate a design as lively and friendly as we needed. While the wordmark is in the Sunflower typeface, our design team tweaked the shape of the letters to make their edges rounder, to make our wordmark look even more friendly. We also went with all lowercase to emphasize the small size of our plant products.

Copy of pocketplants_edited.jpg



Each box includes:

✰ Instructional Booklet
✰ Pocket Pot
✰ Seeds
✰ Soil
✰ Pocket Watering Con
✰ Pocket Gardening
✰ Tools
✰ Stickers



The Pocket Plants website is most likely the first place users will go after hearing about our brand. We want users to feel welcome as they begin our journey with us so we designed our website to be user friendly and easy for users of different ages to navigate.



The Pocket Plants opp is meant to guide
users after they've received their plant and to get them involved with the our community through community events. The Pocket Feed is the main hub for plant information. Here users receive notifications for when their plants may need water or sunlight and a guide on how to complete these tasks. The Pocket Feed is a helpful visual for users to keep track of how they've been caring for their plants.



At Pocket Plants, we want our users to feel like they are a part of a community. A part of this is giving users ways to represent our brand through merchandise.



Beyond the collectability of our plants, Pocket Plants also gifts users with a special trading card with their plant purchases! These cards enhance community interactions as well as provide another reason why customers should continue to buy more Pocket Plants. These trading cards are only available when you purchase a plant, and are not sold separately as a part of the merchandise line. Therefore, if you want to be able to collect all of the cards, you're going to need to trade with others in the fellow Pocket Plant community or buy more precious plants to take care of.



Pocket Plants advertising would reach to many platforms such as lnstagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other various social media apps.



Pocket Plants services include forumns on the official Pocket Plants website for users to provide constructive feedback and reviews to the company, additional optional surveys that gather data related to user satisfaction as well as planned events that allow users to come together, compete against, and show off their favorite plants!

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